Year 11 Photography Project

Through my series of photographs, I intend to portray the concept of “fairy tales with a modern twist”. When researching potential photo ideas, I found myself drawn to photographs that seemed fantastical and decided to use that aspect in my own series of photographs. I decided to narrow that fantasy theme down to the idea of fairy tales and I intend to explore a series of different fairy tales while incorporating a modern element in each of them.

The purpose of my series of photographs is to spark creativity and imagination. Fairytales are a concept that are familiar to almost everyone. Playing with the idea of fairy tales in a modern setting would create a photographic series that many people may be intrigued by, as well as be able to recognise the fairy tale being portrayed and what the modern twist is. The familiarity of the present-day within the photographs that portray fairy tales would suggest to viewers that magic is still around.


Canon Camera


Self Portraiture
Portrait Photography


Maia Longhurst