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About Modern Tales

Storytelling is a universal language whether it’s through literature, art, music or dance. Classic literature such as fairy tales are easily identifiable to at least occur in most people’s childhoods. When I was younger, I was very interested in these famous fairy tale stories and grew up around classic Disney movies. However, while living in a very feminist household, throughout the years I started to notice trends in the female characters portrayed in these stories. I began to question myself; “Why are these female characters always portrayed as weak, helpless, timid?”, “Why are they always saved by the man, why can’t they save themselves?”, “What would these characters do if they lived in the modern age?”.

I aim for my project to share a new perspective as I convert olden day fairy tales into a modern day context inspired by a Studio Ghibli animation style. Furthermore, I aim to challenge old gender stereo- types and subvert the common connotation of the weak female character into a strong character.

My project is for an audience that are familiar and grew up with fairy tales, particularly girls. As young girls grow up with stories portraying females as weak and submissive, they are taught through these subliminal messages; to not stick out or stand up for themselves; not to lead others – rather follow; not to voice their opinions. However, when this audience of young girls view my film, I hope to shine a new light on the female role in society and empower them.


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Maia Longhurst

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